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The Cancer Charity is an independent public charitable trust, which works to reduce the suffering of people affected by cancer. It focuses on reducing the pain and suffering of the cancer patients, and their families. We are primarily engaged in the following roles.

How We Work

The core principle of our work is to provide the love, understanding and empathy oriented support to the people affected by Cancer. Our team takes great pride in giving individualized attention to each person, with greatest respect for their dignity while Providing home based care Providing food and medicines. Supporting the diagnostic and tests Taking care of schooling needs of children Delivering nursing services and counselling Creating awareness about Cancer

Changes We Make

The Cancer Charity stands for people affected by Cancer. Our objective is to support cancer patients, by providing them with medicines, care and food. We provide home based care to those patients who find it difficult to come to the hospital for treatment.

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A World Free From Cancer Care and support for people affected by cancer. We envisage a society where no person suffering from cancer is denied the treatment for want of money. A world which has empathy for cancer patients and fills them with positive attitude towards life.

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Rashmi Verma, Managing Trustee

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